Pizza Toast


  • 4 Slices of Bread
  • 75g (1/3 cup) Pizza Sauce
  • 110g (1 cup) Grated Mozzarella
  • 1 Tomato, thinly sliced
  • 1 tsp Dried Oregano


  • Pre-heat your oven grill (oven broiler)
  • Lightly toast your bread (I used a toaster but you can also toast under the grill (broiler)
  • Lay the toasted bread on a baking tray and spread each slice with the pizza sauce
  • Top each slice with the mozzarella cheese, then the tomato slices and finally a pinch (or two) of dried oregano per slice.
  • Place under the grill (broiler) and grill for approx 5 mins, or until the cheese has melted, bubbling and starting to turn golden.


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